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FOG is becoming a major problem to the Water Companies as it backs up the drain networks and causes blockages

Fat removal from effluent tank

Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) is becoming a major problem to the water companies as FOG backs up the drain networks and causes blockages in pumping stations. Not only is it a problem for Water Companies but processing companies will find FOG causing internal blocked drains, increasing water bills due to higher COD charges, increased rodent problems on premises and risk of prosecution.

Smart Storm provides highly targeted solutions based on your individual circumstances. By utilising a combination of effective bacterial dosing and the Greasebuster™ Fat Skimmer, you will have peace of mind that your FOG levels will be drastically reduced and you will not be breaching consent limits.

In addition to preventing fats entering the sewer system high fat generating entities such as food processing factories and fast food outlets and restaurants often find fats block up their internal drains leading to inconvenience and high costs for drain cleaning. Smart Storm trademarked Greasebuster ™ bacteria can be injected into the drains through a small dosing pump on a regular basis to ensure free flowing drains at all times.


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